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Health Snacks

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Crispies (Best-Seller)

Multiseed (Flax, Sunflower Pumpkin, etc)
No Sugar
Price: RM12 per can
*Contain nuts

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Hi-Fi Cookies

(Matcha, Chocolate, Almond)
Price: RM15 per can
*Contain nuts

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Nutritious Mochi Cake

Mochi with Jujube Dates, Pumpkin Seed and etc
Price: RM30 per set (6pcs)
*Contain nuts

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Indulgence Snacks


Indulgent Bar

(Chocolate, Matcha, Coffee)
Price: RM15 per bar (3pcs), RM40 per set (3 bars)
*Contain nuts

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More than 6 components with different texture and flavors in each selection
(Matcha, Dark Chocolate, Coffee)
Price: RM25 per can, RM65 per set (3 cans)

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Melting Moment

1) Uji Matcha
2) Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato
3) Houjicha
Price: RM15 per can
*Low Sugar

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